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EMI charges by the project. We believe that doing a good job is the best way to promote a long term client relationship. Binding agreements are not our style.

When EMI does a job there is:

  • NO annual fee
  • NO subscription fee
  • Competitive pricing

At EMI we simply charge for what we do. There are no strings or entanglements.

Regulatory Review
Product Stewardship
Process Guidance for Art Materials
Expert Testimony
Environmental Medicine, Inc. (EMI) serves the consumer products, paints, coatings and art materials industries with a premium toxicological consultative resource. We specialize in product safety evaluation and regulatory review, environmental risk assessment, and expert testimony and representation with regulatory agencies for the United States and Canada. EMI features a proven track record notable for delivering tailored, cost effective solutions in a timely fashion.
EMI Certified

Founded and actively managed by one of the world's most respected toxicologists, Dr. Rudolph Jaeger, EMI distinguishes itself with a signature hands-on, responsive partnering style that focuses on promoting long-term client relationships.

EMI's business model bases its success on the quality of the last job performed. With EMI, when the job is done, we are done till the next job. EMI clients enjoy the freedom and openness of this relationship. EMI's business style significantly differs from other organizations where members are ensnared by subscription fees, annual dues based on a percentage of sales and a troubling lack of ownership rights to the certifications for their own products. EMI does not bind people to its services. It attracts them.

EMI draws its clients from both the public and private sectors. Clients include consumer product, private chemical and manufacturing companies; government agencies such as Justice, Labor and U.S. EPA. As well, EMI serves law firms performing regulatory and litigation work; insurance companies and local school boards.

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