EMI Environemental Medicine, Inc.

"I have always enjoyed working with EMI. You have helped us immensely. Most importantly, the communications with you have been far easier than with the international companies with whom we have dealt."

Mr. Richard Frumess
Past President
R+F Handmade Paints


"I remember Dr. Jaeger turning around in a thunderstorm to go back to the office to fax me a TRA because our customer needed it by EOB. That is true customer service."

Ms. Donna Houston
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Henkel Corporation

"We really like the way EMI works with us. They are always prompt, professional, knowledgeable, responsive and accommodating."

Mr. Gary Ward
Director of Operations
Clarence J. Venne, LLC

"You communicate well, collaborate well and are not linked to an impersonal international society."

Dr. Wolfgang Mueller
Director, Lab
H. Schmincke & Co. GMbH

"I am completely satisfied with the work you do for us. It is always thorough and timely. I really like working with you because we have a good rapport and you are reliable. It is really nice to work with one organization for such a long time."

Ms. Kelly L. Bryant
Corporate Regulatory Affairs
The Sherwin Williams Company

Environmental Medicine's knowledge of Art Material regulations is unmatched by any other toxicologist we have worked with. Environmental Medicine has enabled my company to increase our business in the Craft and Hobby market by confidently knowing our products meet all regulations. The staff is friendly and very easy to work with. They are flexible to your needs and welcome constructive ideas. We are very happy with our choice to do business with Environmental Medicine.

Ms. Nicole Nelson
Regulatory Specialist
Rust-Oleum Corporation

Environmental Medicine, Inc.
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F: 201.666.8611
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