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Toxicological Risk Assessment

The following provides, by market, the scope of an EMI Toxicological Risk Assessment.

United States
Standard TRA

EMI's standard TRA utilizes the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) guidelines for product hazard classification, specifically toxicity, irritancy, corrosiveness and sensitization.

EMI prepares TRAs for many industries and applications.

California Proposition 65 (P65) TRA

For a P65 TRA, EMI reviews each of the ingredients in the formulation to confirm if they are on the OEHHA P65 list.

Based on the intended use of the product, specifications of a chemical listing are applied.

EMI provides for an in-depth P65 TRA regarding chemicals which have a NSRL value (No Significant Risk Level).

FDA regulations

Across a broad spectrum of products, EMI is well equipped to address individual issues requiring research to assess various ingredients for risk to consumers including the need to make a toxicological risk assessment and conduct an exposure assessment.

The subjects of these TRAs are not limited to issues with art materials, but involve concerns for cosmetics, household items, kitchen utensils and a vast number of different products.


Standard TRA

Standard TRA regarding the Canadian Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR) classifies whether a product is toxic (acute or chronic), an eye/skin irritant, a corrosive and or a skin sensitizer.

Addresses a specific issue a consumer might have with an ingredient in a product being sold in Canada. Canada can have different limits than the US. One example is Citric Acid.


Standard TRA

EMI is well equipped to respond to individual questions from clients who have been asked about a specific requirement. EMI has been called upon to execute Individual TRAs based on customer needs involving European regulations.

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