Custos Chemical Management Program

A powerful database providing real-time feedback to assure regulatory compliance

You will appreciate working with our team before, during, and after the product development. Our scientists provide real-time feedback to help the manufacturer avoid the triggers that require undesired product labeling. A database of your most commonly used ingredients researched and approved by our team is an invaluable resource when planning new products for the US and Canadian markets.

Problems We Solve

  • Is your current system agile enough to sustain the process of R&D?
  • Will the replacement of ingredients impact your product warning label?  
  • Will the change impact your compliance and therefore your liability?  
  • Who is vetting your raw ingredients?  
  • Are your suppliers providing accurate and timely information?

Benefits of the CUSTOS Chemical Program

  • Ensuring your product’s compliance with consumer product labeling regulations in a timely fashion through a well-organized and thorough collaborative effort
  • R&D support 
  • Real-time support
  • USA consumer product regulations
  • Canada consumer product regulations
  • Hiring on staff specialist cost vs working with the EMI scientific team

Real-Time Monitoring for Regulatory Compliance 

  • A secure record of all chemical data
  • Monitoring the industry and regulatory agencies 
  • Advance notice of upcoming regulatory changes that may impact your current product formula and future product development
  • Preview to label updates and changes  
  • Information you need NOW to make decisions maintaining production and your compliance 
  • Guaranteed 2-business day reply
  • Discounted services tailored to your company

Industry Involvement

Board Certified Toxicologists