Research & Development

EMI works closely with the manufacturer during the process of creating new products. We assist our clients in real-time by providing a preview of possible labeling instructions. We can give guidance on maximum percentages of certain chemicals that can be used in your product as well as California Prop 65 triggers and risk assessments.

Clients selling their products in Europe may be subject to different regulations in the United States. This is just one of the reasons why the EMI Staff can be an important and integral part of the R&D process. Due to the hazards associated with certain chemicals; our function extends to providing alternative ingredient options to replace an ingredient that would otherwise require a hazard warning on the label. Our staff can also communicate directly with your raw material supplier to procure the required information, simply because we “speak the same language”.

For organizations that lack either the resources, time or expertise, EMI, with its comprehensive skill set will successfully shepherd a client’s new product to market. As an extended member of your team, EMI navigates your regulatory process to ensure compliance, required labeling and consumer safety in accordance with prevailing regulations.

Industry Involvement

Board Certified Toxicologists