Expert Testimony

Environmental Medicine Inc. (EMI) provides expert witness testimony on toxic tort litigation cases as well as medical malpractice cases.  In this effort, EMI provides deposition and trial testimony for cases in addition writing opinion reports.  EMI litigation support can take the form of position papers, and written and/or oral opinion reports in addition to interpretation of complex medical, toxicological, and pharmacological issues.  EMI can also identify and coordinate an entire team of experts relevant for a specific case.  EMI can also provide deposition questions for counsel to use when deposing opposition experts, claimants, and witnesses for litigation cases.  EMI also provides expert opinion on dram shop cases, as well as litigation cases involving injury following the effects of alcohol intoxication and /or illicit drug use.

EMI researches the current published scientific literature for cases specific compounds and toxicants including solvents, asbestos, plastic monomers,  metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, coatings for paper products, components of sidestream and mainstream cigarette smoke, components of electronic cigarettes, essential oils, and art materials.  We routinely evaluate the toxicity of compounds following exposure or alleged exposure to a chemical or mixture with reference to a specific area of concern.

Industry Involvement

Board Certified Toxicologists